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environment variable default example description
HD_BASE_URL - The URL the HedgeDoc instance is accessed with, like it is entered in the browser
HD_BACKEND_PORT 3000 The port the backend process listens on.
HD_FRONTEND_PORT 3001 The port the frontend process listens on.
HD_RENDERER_BASE_URL Content of HD_BASE_URL The URL the renderer runs on. If omitted this will be the same as HD_BASE_URL. For more detail see this faq entry
HD_INTERNAL_API_URL Content of HD_BASE_URL http://localhost:3000 This URL is used by the frontend to access the backend directly if it can't reach the backend using the HD_BASE_URL
HD_LOGLEVEL warn The loglevel that should be used. Options are error, warn, info, debug or trace.
HD_SHOW_LOG_TIMESTAMP true Specifies if a timestamp should be added to the log statements. Disabling is useful for extern log management (systemd etc.)
HD_FORBIDDEN_NOTE_IDS - notAllowed,alsoNotAllowed A list of note ids (separated by ,), that are not allowed to be created or requested by anyone.
HD_MAX_DOCUMENT_LENGTH 100000 The maximum length of any one document. Changes to this will impact performance for your users.
HD_PERSIST_INTERVAL 10 0, 5, 10, 20 The time interval in minutes for the periodic note revision creation during realtime editing. 0 deactivates the periodic note revision creation.