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HedgeDoc can use one or multiple LDAP servers to authenticate users. To do this, you first need to tell HedgeDoc the names of servers you want to use (HD_AUTH_LDAPS), and then you need to provide the configuration for those LDAP servers depending on how you want to use them. Each of those variables will contain the given name for this LDAP server. For example if you named your LDAP server MY_LDAP all variables for this server will start with HD_AUTH_LDAP_MY_LDAP.

environment variable default example description
HD_AUTH_LDAPS - MY_LDAP A comma-seperated list of names of LDAP servers HedgeDoc should use.
HD_AUTH_LDAP_$NAME_PROVIDER_NAME LDAP My LDAP The display name for the LDAP server, that is shown in the UI of HegdeDoc.
HD_AUTH_LDAP_$NAME_URL - ldaps:// The url with which the LDAP server can be accessed.
HD_AUTH_LDAP_$NAME_SEARCH_BASE - ou=users,dc=LDAP,dc=example,dc=com The LDAP search base which contains the user accounts on the LDAP server.
HD_AUTH_LDAP_$NAME_SEARCH_FILTER (uid={{username}}) (&(uid={{username}})(objectClass=inetOrgPerson)) A LDAP search filter that filters the users that should have access.
HD_AUTH_LDAP_$NAME_SEARCH_ATTRIBUTES - username,cn A comma-seperated list of attributes that the search filter from the LDAP server should access.
HD_AUTH_LDAP_$NAME_USERID_FIELD uid uid, uidNumber, sAMAccountName The attribute of the user account which should be used as an id for the user.
HD_AUTH_LDAP_$NAME_DISPLAY_NAME_FIELD displayName displayName, name, cn The attribute of the user account which should be used as the display name for the user.
HD_AUTH_LDAP_$NAME_PROFILE_PICTURE_FIELD jpegPhoto jpegPhoto, thumbnailPhoto The attribute of the user account which should be used as the user image for the user.
HD_AUTH_LDAP_$NAME_BIND_DN - cn=admin,dc=LDAP,dc=example,dc=com The dn which is used to perform the user search. If this is omitted then HedgeDoc will use an anonymous bind.
HD_AUTH_LDAP_$NAME_BIND_CREDENTIALS - MyLdapPassword The credential to access the LDAP server.
HD_AUTH_LDAP_$NAME_TLS_CERT_PATHS - LDAP-ca.pem A comma-seperated list of paths to TLS certificates for the LDAP server.