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HedgeDoc provides local accounts, handled internally. This feature only provides basic functionality, so for most environments we recommend using an external authentication mechanism, which also enable more secure authentication like 2FA or WebAuthn.

environment variable default example description
HD_AUTH_LOCAL_ENABLE_LOGIN false true, false This makes it possible to use the local accounts in HedgeDoc.
HD_AUTH_LOCAL_ENABLE_REGISTER false true, false This makes it possible to register new local accounts in HedgeDoc.
HD_AUTH_LOCAL_MINIMAL_PASSWORD_STRENGTH 2 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 The minimum password score, that passwords need to have. See the table below for more explanations.

Password score

The password score is calculated with zxcvbn-ts.

score meaning minimum number of guesses required (approximated)
0 All passwords are allowed -
1 Only too guessable passwords are disallowed 1.000
2 too guessable and very guessable passwords are disallowed 1.000.000
3 safely unguessable and very unguessable passwords are allowed 100.000.000
4 Only very unguessable passwords are allowed